Trying out a Planescape style

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In this journey to learn CC3+, I remembered the peculiar map style used by many of the the modules for the Planescape setting. This is my (initial?) approach.

I decided to start by redoing the ones included in the manuals first (instead of making something of my own) just to get the hang of it. And I started with Automata since it's the easiest of them (see the original in this link)..

I'll start with an observation of my own: Everything is too "straight", which I might waive off since Automata is a place of clockwork precision. Still, the map wasn't done by a Modron, so I might revisit this one later.

All insights and suggestions are welcome.

Oh, and thanks for the great job on the parchments Sue! They make up for more than half of the looks on this map.



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