Question about future of Darklands Cities

Are there going to be new symbols and tiles for Darklands Cities in the future? I love the style but I think there could be more variety in the tile selection when it comes to the earth tiles. I had heard Sue was working on more for the style.


  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 28 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    There will be a smaller part 2 published as the bonus issue.

    Now I'm all curious to know what kind of tiles you think might be missing...

  • kevbeck43kevbeck43 Surveyor
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    I am talking about tiles for the different types of ground. Like a lighter brown for different earth textures. Kind of like the grass tiles have different colors. That way I have a method of differentiating roads and such from fields and the like. I'm not sure how you make your tiles but I can use GIMP and the effects in that program. All I would really need are your settings on the effect to do it myself or even if their is an effect within ProFantasy itself I could use to effectively change the color of a given tile. :)

    Also I think the tiles in Darklands look good for John Roberts style maps as well. I know that style uses three or four different tiles to represent earth and fields.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 28 images Cartographer ProFantasy
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    There is a part 2 sometime in mid to late December. I will look at the number of fills for that one.

    In an annual issue, even a 2 part one, there will never be quite as many of a thing as there is for a full blown style or a symbol set like SS5, but there is nothing wrong with creating your own new fills from the published ones for your own maps. GIMP is a useful tool, though I think you may find it hard to create good looking paler soils from the very dark ones that are allready there.

    Some of the fills I make are created in a piece of abandonware called Genetica. Don't buy it. It's still there, but the library of photographs it used is completely gone and most of the example fills won't work any more. I and others who bought it a few years ago have to make do with a partial library, the size of which depends very much on which ones we just happened to download at the time they were still there. It's not worth the money.

    Other fills I've made in a free app called Krita. The grass texture is a hand drawn Krita texture.

    I have also recently been able to draw hand made fills in an app called Affinity Designer, which allows me to make a crude facsimile of the wonderful wraparound mode in Krita (an endless plain of seamless tiles you can draw across), by making an unintended use of its own 'Symbol' function. I simply place copies of the patch I am working on next to each other and hand match everything at the join. This is a wall texture I've done for part 2 of Marine Dungeon. It's a way around the eventual loss of Genetica (which will probably eventually fall by the wayside as operating systems evolve), but every layer has to be hand matched around all four sides and at the corners.

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