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Saturday night - hockey back on TV, some scotch and next week's gaming session starts to take shape.....



  • Love this. Just a few comments. The Known to be operating bit should be made into 4, not 3 lines, so it isn't so close to the edge (a mistake I am quite guilty of myself - it seems worse with Centre alignment as you zoom in and out)

    Second is the closeness of the Blacknose and ANY line, which touches the hair of the villain. Again, something i do from time to time, just a stylistic point.

  • I would use a different font for the text. Something that had a cultural connection to the game setting like "Rockwell" or "Playbill Regular" in the Old West or "Old English Text" for a medieval feel. Just change the text properties for all the text.
  • GlitchGlitch Traveler

    Thanks - updates made.

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