Annual No 1 issue 12 - Making a new style.

I am going to attempt to design a new style for cities, based loosely on Watabou style, but with quite a few new drawtools. The style is called ABCM (stands for A Blank City Map = so it appears at the top of the city wizard template list). I have already made the Template, along with png and txt file. It will allow DXF's to be imported if you want to do a Watabou map, but it is not required.

The ones illustrated here are gatehouse, walls, towers, military buildings on top of gate houses etc, parks with fences, fences, palisades, dikes, swamps and bogs, sewers, orchards, grapevines, fields with automatic aligning furrows, hedge.

More to follow. More drawtools and vector symbols drawn by me!

I am torn between using only vector and no bitmaps, and perhaps Symbol fills for pavements etc. I have already used variable plain colours for houses and trees.

However, as I need 3 sheets if I use symbol fills, I will have to write a macro, and as @Monsen knows, I am rather inept at this. Pics to be posted tomorrow.



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    Here are some pictures. Not that pretty, but just to show all my new tools (the road isn't).

    First walls, towers - round, square and rectangular, with crenalations. Also a sewer, a river with a central depth, and buildings with no need for an outline, due to effects.

    Problem - the walls. I ideally need a third element, so I have a top layer (the walkway), a middle layer (the crenalations) and a bottom layer (the wall underneath the crenalations. Any chance of a macro from you clever guys?

  • Next picture shows a dike, with a palisade, bridge with rails, orchard, grape vines, furrowed fields with hedge. (the furrowed fields are drawn using a hatch style which automatically aligns with first line drawn) and a bog with symbol fill on top. In addition, I have got variable colour buildings, just by not using bitmap fills. The trees are also automatic variable colours.

  • So, what next.

    Ideally, I want this to be all vector, so I probably need a special colour palette for some rows in the colour chart.

    I will make a lot of use of symbol fills and hatch fills to replace bitmaps. eg paving, tiles, tufts of grass, etc.

    I need connecting symbols for hedges, low stone walls like those that infest Cornwall (making driving very interesting!) and tree avenues.

    I need to improve the orchards and grapevines and work on the fences and palisades more.

    And above all, I need a macro that will allow me to have 3 (or more) layers rather than the limit of 2 in the current drawing tool menu.

    As for vector symbols I need to do: top down domes, witches hats for tower tops and minarets, fountains, statues, steps in front of houses and outdoor stairs, chimneys and arches.

    I already have roads with footpaths. I also want ones with a median strip and avenue of trees down the middle, and two layered mud and dirt roads and 'squares'.

    As I am going along, I am working out various sheets, their order and effects.

    I certainly would like suggestions, and special help for those macros.

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