CC3+ version 3.96 - Public Beta

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Hi folks!

If you want to try out the newest version of CC3+, update 26 is now available from your registration page (click the CC3+ download button to access it). It does have some internal changes, displays certain dialogs and windows more nicely and contains a few new toys to play around with (version notes below). As a beta, there may well still be a few glitches and issues, so only install it if your comfortable with that.

If you experience any problems or have questions, post in the thread below or email me at

CC3+ Version 3.96

- added monthly content Mike Schley symbols June to September 2021

- Added COLLAR family of commands:

COLLAR (user picks inside bounds and size),

COLLARAUTO (inside to map border, auto calc distance), and

COLLARDEL (erases everything on the SCREEN sheet, or a sheet specified).

COLLARW (inside to map border, user picks distance),

- Added C modifier to smooth polygon draw tools to allow drawing corners.

- Added Colorize effect.

- Added SELNONE command to deselect everything (alias for DESELECT, but is more in keeping with the SEL* command names).

- Added SELSYMTEXT command to allow picking symbol by name.

- Added TOFFSET command to make two copies of an entity, one on each side.

- Added TOFFSETX commands to command to make two copies of an entity, one on each side and delete the original entity.

- Added automatic upright alignment to ATTC.

- Added manual operations for flipping side and direction on curve to ATTC.

- Added warning to ATTC if path type is not supported.

- Changed defaults for image export to be of a reasonable size and crop to border.

- Fixed ATTC dialog behavior and layout.

- Fixed CLIPCUT problem that would wipe out the entire drawing at times.

- Fixed FOREST command to no longer leave out the rightmost column.

- Fixed FRX crash when using left preselect.

- Fixed INSNODE and DELNODE crashing when used on paths with more than 8191 nodes.

- Fixed MOVQ and COPQ so that they no longer allow selecting items on frozen layers.

- Fixed REPLACEIMAGEFILENAMES to allow replacements longer than the original text.

- Fixed TED and TREPLACE leaving artifacts onscreen during operation.

- Increased ATTC string length to 128 characters from 64.

- Increased drawing heap size to 256MB from 128MB.

- Increased number of undo levels to 100 from 10.

- LISTIMAGENAMES now shows the tag # for items with file names and also lists file names in effects definitions.

- The "Multiple Sheets" status message now disappears after five seconds.



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