How big can a map be before the hex grid does not work?

AnestisAnestis Newcomer

Hello. I am trying to make a world map on one page and have my size as 24000 x 12000, Earth size basically. When I try to put a horizontal hex pattern at 5.0, the program shuts itself down. I thought the program could do world maps.

I see many pictures of great maps of considerable size, I hate to have to do portions on different pages. I can do that on paper.


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator

    CC3+ is certainly capable of doing world maps, but it isn't really intended to make a world map with such a high amount of detail that you can basically zoom into the local level on the same map.

    I am not sure about the exact limitations, but I am not surprised you might be encountering some. A quick calculation shows you are asking for something like 11 million hexes here.

    I would strongly recommend you do not attempt to make a map in that high a detail level. Not because of program limitations, but because of mapping fatigue. Making a world map where you can zoom into anything sounds like a great idea on paper, but in reality, the effort of mapping the entire world in such detail leads to mapping fatigue and partial maps one never complete.

    Mapping world maps in CC3+ is much better done like they are done in the community atlas, where where have a nice world map, but without too much details, and then the continent have been developed as new maps of higher detail. This makes it more easy to get the map done, and then work on the detail levels where it is needed, without forcing too much detail everywhere.

    Another issue with maps with too much details is that they tend to look cluttered and unreadable when zoomed out, because of all the tiny details.

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