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Kia ora (again),

I am in the process of converting a bunch of maps I made into a different style (following previous advice). However, there is what I think is a glitch/bug.

I am converting to the Mike Schley style from CC3, so I have used the convert to like drawing tool extensively, on the MS style map. However, when I go to place indiviual trees, I am getting the CC3 style trees, and only a very small number of trees in the MS style are available to me. This does not seem to affect the forrest tools, just individual trees.

Any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it?

Thanks again


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    kīa ora, Stuart :)

    (I had to look that up, so I assume you are using the Maori greeting)

    You will need to click the folder button at the top of the symbol catalog panel and navigate to the Mike Schley style located here:

    C:\ProgramData\Profantasy\CC3Plus\Symbols\Maps\Mike Schley

    In that folder there is a file called Vegetation.FSC. This is the symbol catalog that contains all the tree symbol references. Once you have opened it you should find all the trees in the style.

    I recommend using the Symbol Manager to carefully replace the CC3 trees with the Mike Schley ones. When I say carefully, I should warn you that you can't undo any of the replacement actions you take, so it will probably be better if you replace each tree with it's number equivalent, so that you maintain a good mix of different tree symbols.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator

    This happens because CC3+ uses the names of the symbols as the unique reference for them, so there can only be one symbol of each name in the map. If a symbol already exist with the same name in the map, it will use the symbol already there.

    Workaround for this is to use symbol manager and rename the symbols already in the map to something else.

  • Thank you for your input, though I am pretty confused. I have deleted out all of the old symbols so now they are no symbols of that name, but the behaviour still persists.

    When I look in the left panel, it does display properly but then when I put it onto the map it is the cc3 version.

  • Loopysue - Kia ora is indeed Maori in origin though it is now a very general greeting for basically anyone in NZ.

    When I open the symbol manager on a fraction of the total number of symbols is there - how do I know which to replace or leave?

    I am a bit out of my depth here!

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 28 images Cartographer ProFantasy
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    :) I am hoping that someone will make a map of the world one day in which all the country names are replaced with the most common form of greeting.

    Ok, I think Remy and I posted at the same time. Remy certainly points out something I hadn't thought about being the problem at all, but which is probably your main issue here.

    If you have deleted the CC3 symbols from the map they will still be in the Symbol Manager. The easiest thing to do is to Purge, save the map, close it, and reopen it. You should be rid of all the old symbol references then, and free to place the new trees.

    (Purge is a button in the Symbol Manager)

  • Hi Sue, the purge worked perfectly - thank you!

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 28 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    You're welcome, Stuart :)

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