An iso city, Annual 146

Made this for my game world.

800' x 600'.



  • I like this, Jim, but in a walled town, wouldn't the houses be much closer together, ie even touching? Also, perhaps a bit of greenery? Just a thought.

  • It is out on an island. So wood is scarce. I could add a bit more to it. I'll be out of the house part of the day.

  • Here is a jpg of the island. The map 15P refers to a location of surface maps. Column 15, Row P.

  • And the town, more trees. Some labels added.

  • That is a very pretty village but where do you put the horses? I'm thinking a public corral or stable close to the inn with maybe a blacksmith nearby. (The mayor might have a private stable but most private citizens wouldn't own a horse or would keep it in the public stables.) A place to keep other livestock would be important too but that should go down­wind of the village (as should the city dump).  Perhaps you could swap a house for a church or temple, or place one outside the city gates. (BTW where are the gates? There should be a gatehouse at every entrance to keep the riff-raff out.) It's a bit of a walk to the river so maybe a well or two? And don't forget the outhouses; dragging chamber pots to a public midden could get nasty after a while. (The last two details aren't really needed if this is just a street map showing where the buildings are.) Sorry if this is a bit long-winded but I kept thinking of things to add to make it more realistic. 
  • No gatehouse symbols, nor any for stables/corral.

  • Working on other things this weekend, and Ida headed in my general direction.

    I'll see if I can just draw a ground area for horses. Maybe put a building on one side for stables.

  • Nothing bad in my area yet. People I know down by the Gulf of Mexico say it is bad down there. Watching Weather Channel, hurricane is curving and I'm on the east side. The side with the most rain.

    I have plenty of food and water. Flashlights and spare batteries. We have a propane grill to. I'll probably get some snacks in the morning.

    Think of those arms of thunderstorms like the spiral arms of a galaxy.

    Later, Jim.

  • Lots of rain last night, and some wind. Just drizzle rain today. Barely there. We did get some actual rain off and on this morning.

    So, no need to get the pumps and life boats going. Don't have those anyway.

    Oh, I decided to put up a sub-domain of my older maps.

  • 6 days later
  • I'm finding my older maps are a mixed bag of CC2, CC2Pro, etc. maps. I have to ffix them, and then correct paths to the fills as I used Natalya Faden's Oljan bitmap fills. They aren't official. Which I just found the discussion in here, still leads to the page of them on my Crestar site. They are the fills I used to create mountain ranges.

    I had remembered I had some overland maps not done, when I switched to my current overland maps on the Crestar site. I am finding more 'not mapped yet' ones than I remembered. The surface maps are currently shown as thumbnails of 19 maps per column, with 4 world all maps. When I get done, there will be 14 world all maps of thumbnails, click on a thumbnail go to a full size map. Which is 1330 surface maps. There are a number of ocean maps.

    I have been adding a few deeps and small islands to those so the expanse of nothing isn't so large.

    I might make it 20 maps per columns, just to give a rounded number. Haven't decided yet.

    Anyway, there is my blathering for the day.

  • 16 days later
  • I'm about 70% done, with posting surface maps, on this site. I'm at world all 10, out of 14.

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