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Hi, everyone. I am continuing on with my goal to complete the Dunor Valley map (made by Hadrian VII) with 20x20 mile maps in the Local Area Style.

These maps are on either side of the Helmdal map. I have tried to create some interesting features in each.

The write up will come later this week, and I will post that here 2. After that, I will submit them to Remy Monsen, so please get in your comments before Friday.



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    I like the way you spread the trees on the first imagem. On the other hand, the small trees around the house on the second image, I fell they are a little repetitive. But great work!

  • Thanks. The repetitive tree are orchards.

  • 25 days later
  • The Sigmaren region notes and map are now complete. I have tried to fit the notes around the horror of the Sigmaren Massacre 15 years prior to this map being made. <shudder>

    Sigmaren Fort Region

    This region is dominated by the ruined Sigmaren fort, abandoned farms and prosperous ongoing farming ventures.

    Ruins of Sigmaren Fort: This fort stood as protection from the Hobgoblin clan of the Fire Eaters. Fifteen years ago, it was attacked by those hobgoblins aided by a clan of wereboars. The fort was ultimately destroyed, though the invaders were cut down to the last monster. A few farms around the site were also abandoned. The whole incident is known as the Sigmaren Massacre. What has made the farmers in the area quite resentful is the lack of help Dunor City gave, despite still levying taxes. The hobgoblins’ old camp has now been taken over by the Kaled Kobolds.

    Grunwiel Farm: Herr Willi Grunwiel is the patriarch of a large family, and runs a prosperous farm. His family managed to stop the fleeing hobgoblins during the Sigmaren Massacre, and hung them from fence posts around their farmlands to deter any other incursions. So far, it has worked. Not only does he grow wheat, but also has a thriving orchard of apples, which are the best in the whole region, and sought after in the nearby towns (Dunor and Gronvang).

    Karlein Farm: Fraulein Angela Karlein was widowed during the Sigmaren Massacre, and now is matriarch of another prosperous farm. She has cannily engaged her eldest son to one of Herr Grunwiel’s daughters in hopes of securing both farms for her family, especially as Herr Grunwiel has only one under age son left, following the Sigmaren Massacre.

    Helmuth’s Farm (abandoned): Herr Siegmund Helmuth’s family was decimated by the Sigmaren Massacre, and only himself and aged wife, 2 granddaughters, and a underage grandson have survived. They now live with Herr Grunwiel. Unknown to all except his wife, Herr Helmuth is now a werewolf following a near fatal bite from a werewolf during the Sigmaren Massacre. Both he and his faithful wife have managed to keep his secret, mainly by going to the Helsing Woods every full moon and chaining him up till the ‘change’ is over.

    Valkor’s Ford and Mill: Herr Franz Valkor runs the Mill for the surrounding farms, and also ships the flour to both Gronvang and Dunor City. The ford is quite shallow, and the stony bed helps wagons though without too much difficulty. However, all the surrounding farmers are contributing to construct a serviceable bridge, since the Council in Dunor City have refused to help.

    Kaled Kobolds: These opportunistic Kobolds have made themselves at home in the former camp of the hobgoblins. They number 47 in all, and present little problem to the surrounding farmers, now the Helmuth farm abandoned.

    Helsing Woods: These wood are quite dense in parts, and unknown to the locals, a giant spider’s nest is hidden in a hollow tree. The spiders are quite venomous, and can kill. The species are the dreaded Australis venomosa. Every month wolves can be heard howling, and so the locals avoid the woods – and just as well.

  • And the other map is now complete, centred around an evil knock-off of Radagast the Brown, and the Warrior Nuns TV series.

    Kunnachst Region

    This region is dominated by the Kunnachst Forest and the wastelands on either side of the Dunor River.

    Kunnachst Forest: Not a place to be in in Spring, when large black-with-white plumage birds swoop down on any passers-by. Heads and eyes with their vicious beaks. Only the grizzly bears are safe.

    Hermitage: A shack beside a cave in a small hillock. This houses Radabastid the Dun, a misanthropic wizard, who spends his time among animals and plants, and especially his specially bred magitarts, the crow-like giant birds mentioned above. He, more than the ogres discussed below, is the reason the areas around the forest are so desolate.

    St Hilda’s Convent: The only force for ‘good; in the region. This fortified nunnery houses 66 warrior nuns, dedicated to fighting supernatural forces of evil, sending their members throughout the continent of Ezrute on demon-hunting quests (strange indeed that two angelic creatures were reported as victims of these warriors).  They do have a superb track record in successful missions though. All they ask is that one male be left at the convent for the rest of their lives, but rarely is any man found when applicants for help come knocking. The most recent sighting reported an otherwise healthy young man, half-naked, looking utterly fatigued, but unable to make more than grunting noises.

    Schemson Ogres: A large band of Ogres, who have basically made settlement in the region untenable. They are quite afraid to enter the forest though, and occasionally a dead ogre can be found on the road by the forest, looking as if they have been pecked to death. They are always male ogres, though.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 28 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    It looks good, Quenten, but there seem to be a couple of places where the river has a strange straight line cutting the top edge. Is that a terrain fill that hasn't got an edge fade on it, or something like that?

  • Yes, I hadn't noticed - will fix. It is supposed to be swampy ground

    BTW, magitarts are really giant vicious Australian magpies (different species and genus from European ones)

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