Annual 174: Ancestry. Two maps - a Royal line, and an Evolutionary tree.

I am going to use this Ancestry Annual to make 2 maps.

The first is the Helmonte Royal Family, as outlined in the text notes (see below). I will change all the silhouette portraits to ones from Character Artist for my final rendition (and for entry into the Atlas.

The second will be the chart showing the evolutionary tree of my world of Myirandios. As it will both use a lot of symbols not in the ProFantasy or free add on lines, and that it is very much unique to my world, it will not be Atlas material.

Here is the information about the Helmonte Royal Family already in the Atlas.


0 SC (“From the Revolution”): Helmonte revolts, throwing off the yoke of the tyrannical kings. Aladousis declares its independence. The remnants of the Mage-Kings flee to Aladousis and take up residence in Wizards’ Tower.

4 SC: Mennidas I becomes First Consul of the chaotic republic, and restores order.

7 SC: Mennidas declares himself Emperor, and prepares to invade Aladousis.

18 SC: Mennidas dies on the eve of the invasion.

34 SC: First invasion of Aladousis by Helmonte under Elexios I, Mennidas’ son. After being wrecked on the rocks, the surviving army makes little headway, and after 6 months, they reach a truce with the Aladousans who let them depart peacefully. Elexios vows revenge.

37 SC: Second invasion of Aladousis – the Wizards of Aladousis are largely instrumental in destroying the invasion fleet even before it landed. The completeness of the rout deters Helmonte from attempting to invade again. Elexios is deposed by his nephew Elexios II, who also abandons the imperial title, styling himself as Great King.

52 SC: The current Helmonte Great King, Mennidas II, succeeds to the throne – peacefully!

81 SC: The Great King’s heir, Dion, is killed in a hunting ‘accident’. Thank Count Hercule for that. Prince Elexios becomes heir – Gods help Helmonte!

87 SC: Present day.



  • Next is my evolutionary tree - at present a bit of a mess as far as layout is concerned.


    Prokaryotes (BACTERIA)


                  Conjugation (episomes)

                   ↓               ↓

    Extremophiles      Photosynthetizers using rhodoplasts (red)


                           Eukaryotes (Mitosis, cell nucleus)


                           Sexual reproduction, 3 gametes, meiosis


                           Oxidative Sulphorylation (mitochondria)


                           ARCHAEA (red Algae) Rhodoplasts, no cell wall.

                           ↓          ↓                      ↓

    Gain cell walls                 Lose Rhodoplasts

          ↓                           ↓                      ↓

    ←←←←←←←←←PLANTS                  ALGAE         ANIMALS

    ↓                                              ↓            (many mobile)      ↓

    Some lose                               see                  ↓              MOLLUSCS

    Rhodoplasts                  separate tree         see            ↓                  ↓

    ↓                                                          separate tree  SLUGS         STARFISH→→→→→→→→→→→→

    FUNGI                                                       ↓          ↓                                                                         ↓

    ↓                                                               AMMONITES   CEPHALOPODS→→→→→→                   ↓

    see                                                                  ↓          ↓                                                          ↓                       ↓

    separate tree                                      Chitinous        Non-Chitinous→→                        ↓                        ↓

                                                               ↓         ↓                                       ↓                           ↓                        ↓

                                          TRILOBITES        CRUSTACEA                 ↓                          ↓                        ↓

                                           ↓                 ↓                                 ↓                ↓                           ↓                        ↓

                           Non-Segmented Segmented                   ↓                ↓                           ↓                        ↓

    ____________↓______        ↓                                 ↓                ↓                           ↓                        ↓

    ↓                 ↓         ↓         INSECTS                              ↓                ↓                           ↓                        ↓

    ↓                 ↓          ↓         ______↓______              ↓                ↓                            ↓                        ↓

    ↓                 ↓          ↓         ↓          ↓         ↓             ↓                ↓                           ↓                        ↓

    Fantal   Brontosa Gorga Pedi  Praimen Dilolai                                                     Muru

  • Looks interesting.

    I have two royalty lines for Crestar. One nation has appointments. The other tried lineages, but several events caused dead ends. Literally.

  • The evolutionary Tree. The earth names are just place holders; the tree is only broad strokes, and the pictures will be replaced by handdrawn ones by me (or my more artistic wife).

    Rhodoplasts instead of chloroplasts, since more red is absorbed than green; and oxidative sulphorylation instead or phosphorylation, due to abundance of sulphur and paucity of phosphorus.

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    Nice use of this Annual. I hadn't thought to use this for ancient life forms before. That's brilliant!

    My thought for the family tree chart was to use the one that looks like shields to show the progression of a jousting tournament in a miniatures game I am creating for jousting knights. It will be a beer and pretzels type game, so not so serious, just a little fun for an hour or so, but my thought was that the family tree would add just a bit more immersion in the game.

  • Here is an update of the Helmonte Royal Family, and the Character portrait of the first Emperor. I will be writing a little biography about all the named characters in the family tree, along with Character artist portraits. I hope these will all go into the Atlas (Helmonte, Artemisia).

    So far, only 1 portrait, to see how it goes. I will be using the Token Frames instead of the CA frames.

    Comments and critique very welcome.

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    All the rulers, and Heir Apparent done, along with more portraits in the Family tree.

  • That little curly mustache sets off that face. Well done.

  • The final Family tree. As you can see, there will be a massive problem if the present king, Mennidas II and his heir die, re the succession, as there is no patrilineal line left. And the current king is old and sick, and Elexios is universally hated and feared.

  • This is a great Family tree.

    But the lines to the decendants are not all perfectly centered unde rthe marriage symbols. I don't now why this bothers me, but it does

  • I am in the process of tidying it all up. But thanks for the nudge

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    All tidied up.

    Here is the new version of the Character portraits, using Character Artist and the Token Treasury frames, along with Sue's banners.

    It gives a bit of the character's life story. And yes, Mennidas is Napoleon (or the other way around)

  • 9 days later
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    Another member of the Royal family - Emperor Elexios I. I will submit this and Mennidas II, Elexios II and Prince Elexios all together when I have finished them.

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