Changing backgrounds in the HighSpace annual ? Different color stars, etc.

I was working on some Traveller solar system maps, to give my eyes a rest from mapping dungeons, and there are 3 basic map backgrounds: red, blue, and yellow.

I did try using Irfanview to change a yellow one, to make it more reddish.

Doesn't look great, maybe I didn't give it enough red.

Anyway, I want to make different backgrounds, different color stars, less nebula in the area, etc.

So, any suggestions ? I was thinking about getting photos form Astronomy picture of the day, that aren't copyright, but what are some other copyright free sources ?



  • Can't help but reiterate what I suggested about a month back when you were hunting for images of nebulae, Jim, and that's simply to try some searches using whatever keywords you're wanting as objects on your image - specific star colours, starfields, clusters, nebulae, etc. There are vast numbers of astronomical images out there, many of which are from copyright free sources. It really just depends exactly what you want.

  • I have so.many mapping, and other, projects I keep forgetting. Thanks.

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