SS4 Forlorn Cottage issue


When I create a new map of type Dungeons and select SS4 Forlorn Cottage all of the Map Type Specific Tools come up with something like "No matching draw tool for "Room, Default*", this is for the Default Room Tool. I did repair the DD3 installation without any luck. Suggestions? BTW - this is machine was created recently and no customizations.





  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator

    The Forlorn Cottage style is a very limited Subset of the main SS4 style, and doesn't include things like room tools (The room tools are generally designed for dungeon rooms, not building floorplans like the FC is).

    I recommend you just create the map in the SS4 Dungeon of Schley style which is a full-blown dungeon style, which also includes all the tools and symbols from FC.

  • CastspellerCastspeller Newcomer

    Will do and thank you for the quick reply.

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