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I am working on a map with dungeon lighting. I've watched Ralf's lighting tutorial video, so that's all working correctly. However, I want to add some legend symbols "on top of" the light. I watched another video (I forget which one) where Remy showed how to add a point light finalization. I added a layer for my legend icons, I gave them a slight Glow effect to give them some depth/interest, then added the "wall shadow, point light finalization" (PLF) effect. The PLF effect worked in putting the icons "on top of" the lighting, but they no longer show the Glow effect. I assume because the glow effect is a type of lighting effect? I've tried switching the effect order so that Glow is on top of PLF and vise versa, but that didn't work either. Is there a different way to exclude these legend icons from the dungeon lighting so I can keep the glow. Or is there another way to add the glow?

I would post the map for y'all to see, but I am intending on using it commercially, so I don't think it's a good idea to post in forums? 🤔

Thank you so much!


  • Indara1920Indara1920 Newcomer

    Well, I started just playing around with effects and added a point light finalization effect to the Walls sheet in addition to the point light setup and that brought the glow back to my legend icons. I have no clue why. But, I guess I solved my own problem accidentally 😄

  • That's what we like to see - people solving problems before we can leap in with the wrong explanation! 😁

    Glows can be tricky beasts, I've found, which sometimes don't work well with other Effects even when they're on different Sheets on a map, and in variable ways (so they might affect some things on a Sheet but not others; I have no explanation for this...). Always worth experimenting though, to see what works best for what you want.

  • Indara1920Indara1920 Newcomer

    It seems I don't usually figure the problem out myself until after I ask for help, lol 😄. I think I figured out that the point light finalization effect needs to go on the sheet where you want the effect to end so all the sheets that are drawn after aren't included with the dungeon lighting, such as the grid and text. So I did sort of have it on the "wrong sheet", but I have no clue how or why that affected the Glow on my legend sheet. In fact, the point light finalization was active on both the Walls and my legend sheet when the Glow re-appeared. It does seem to be a finicky beast 🤔

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