Sites for various maps on the Community Atlas

I thought I would start a resource type thread showing details of sites in the Community Atlas suitable for various map terrains.

Here is a list of sites of Swampy areas that do not really need a subregional map (though you can add one if you like).

In the Dworaguz Ranges, Artemisia, there is the Heralsine Citadel region.

In Themisia, Artemisia map has a swamp to the south of Lake Aristider, and an island (which could well be swampy, and full of sandflies, and march flies - oh for a typical Aussie summer) in the Lake as well.

In Helmonte, Artemisia, there is Biblion Mere.

In the Wild Coast, Artemisia, there are swampy and moorlands everywhere.

In Yuturgas River, Artemisia map, there are swampy areas along the river.

In Truwithiel, Peredur map, there are 2 large moors, and swampy areas surrounding the Tremernan Inn. The Caswarren Fens are in the NE corner.

In Eastern Marches, Kentoria, there is the Stench.

In Sophos, Kentoria, there are the Grimholt marshes.

In Wyvern Defence Zone, Shoenia, Kentoria, there are the delta marches.

In Llum, Sophos, Kentoria, there are two swamp areas in the southwest. Either would be my favourite place - the island has a culture and history (see map notes) that may particularly interest you.

In Tartessos, Kumarikandam, there are swampy areas all around. Near the outskirts of the ruined city might be good.

No swamps, but lots of tropical zone lakes on Puia Hanahana, Nga Whataroa. Lots of Maori and Polynesian names.

In Fisher Island, Forlorn Archipelago, there are the Margz Miasma.

On Justice Island, Forlorn Archipelago, there is Hagars Marsh.

On the Bleakness, Forlorn Archipelago, there is Lake Murky.

In Wolfsbane Moor, Emerald Crown Forest, Alarius, there are a few places that could fit.

In Three Wizards' Isles, Alarius, there is the Dire Swamp.

In Pola Faruto, Mercia, Doriant, there is the Salainn Slough.


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