ft3: a reddish atmosphere ? I have Terraformer 0.5

I wanted to make some planets being illuminated by a red dawrf, type K/M stars. This is for my Star frontiers web site.

Should I just use Terraformer v0.5, and/or one of the lgt files lime Vaguelly Martans, Mars, etc. ?



  • This is about the closest I can get... with my guess on how it would look from orbit.

  • Jim, the planet will have its own colouring regardless of the illumination. Earth isn't yellow, neither is Mars or any of the other Solar System planets, though our G-type star is. The only time you would really notice the sunlight is in a view from space, where you can see both the star and the planet, and even then, it's primarily the star that will show the stronger red colouring, not the planet, unless the planet's own colouring is like that.

  • Hmm... I was watching How the Universe is Made on Science Channel and they showed planets with a reddish atmosphere for those near a K or M star.

    I have hundreds of regular ft3 planets so I can use those.

  • If you have a planet with an opaque, featureless atmosphere that has a pretty consistent single, pale colouring (like Venus) it will reflect more of the sunlight directly, but you aren't seeing the planet's surface at all then, and the colouring may be changed somewhat from the natural light by the chemical make-up of said atmosphere. Judging by the Solar System, planets with such neutral-coloured, blank atmospheres are not common.

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