Generic Rainforest Village

Hi Folks,

Over on the Mythras Discord Server I made a post offering my services for mapping commissions. One off the chaps contacted me regarding some generic maps he could use for Monster Island, a sandbox style setting for that game. This fellow contributes a lot to the community in many ways and I told him it would be my pleasure to do some maps for him at no cost.

Here is the first, a generic village. The island is kind of like the Isle of Dread and to my mind, if it were situated in the real world, it would be similar to the Island of Hawaii.

I'm not 100% satisifed with this, there is something not quite right, but I'm not sure what's bugging me...thoughts?



  • I am sure that most jungle buildings are rectangular or circular in shape, with no bends as in one of your buildings. Further, there would be a large communal longhouse type construction. Perhaps look at various Polynesian villages from Hawaii to New Zealand.

    Secondly, it would be garden horticulture, not crops; and there would be either pigs, goats, but no big herd animals. And being near a river, there would likely be fish traps.

    But a great generic map, Jim

  • Thanks Quentin. The guy wants them pretty generic so he can alter the orientation of the map and such like. The L shaped building is intended as the chiefs dwelling and communal longhouse. I'll probably do a couple of more variations on the theme as well as re-dong the city map from the setting in a bit more detail. I was thinking John Speed City but that would take far too long (it's a decent size...).

  • Wouldn't a generic map favour a bird's eye view rather than perspective?

  • The generic maps are only for the villages.The town map is an entirely different proposition.

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