Losing rivers between FT3 and CC3+

I've been working really hard to clean up an FT3 file to get something as reasonable as possible, given the limitations of the software. However, when I transfer the file to CC3+, it gives me everything other than the rivers. Having a global map with no rivers isn't particularly useful.

Judging from another post I saw here, I'm apparently only creating rivers channel in the overlay, not rivers on the actual map. So how do I create them on the map? Do I just put random numbers into the "Custom" field on Find Rivers until I find one that works? How will I know if it does work?

I apologize if I sound frustrated. I've been working hard to turn this map into something vaguely realistic, and now I can't create rivers.


  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy

    Frustration is completely reasonable. It's not working the way that it ought to (and definitely not working the way it was intended).

    You need to create the rivers as vector elements, not just as an image in FT3. Make sure to keep the "Keep River Image Overlay" checkbox unchecked in the Select River Length dialog. You may indeed need to try a few different values to get it to correctly generate rivers to your desired specification. Start at the largest number that you feel comfortable using and (if that doesn't work), try one value less. For example, if 6000 doesn't work, try 5999, and then 5998 if that doesn't. It's usually just a matter of a value or two difference that can trigger a positive result when you start getting failures.

  • davehogg56davehogg56 Newcomer

    Thanks. I've found a couple that work.

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