Annual 1, issue 3 - Inn Map. My example after the Live Mapping session

Here is the beginning of my map of the Argyle Arms Inn in Niofftorp. It will eventually have 2 stories, plus an attic, roof and basement.



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  • Here is the completed ground floor. The name has changed to the Laughing Druid to keep it consistent with the Map Notes for Niofftorp, where it is situated. I'm not so happy about the ground cover, and would appreciate suggestions.

    I also show the roof level.

    Now only basement, 1st storey, and attic to go. I'll do the Basement next.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator

    I see what you mean about the ground cover. It is simply too noisy and competes with the inn. Some plainer textures would work better I think.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 28 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    Its a good map, but if you don't like the ground cover, you don't like it.

    What exactly is it about the ground cover that you don't like? It helps to try and quantify a problem before you try to solve it.

  • Yes, I have used symbols, and probably should use textures instead. Thanks, Remy.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 28 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    And there I was thinking it might be some kind of colour thing...

    Try playing with the colour of the grass and soil. I think the grass is a bit too blue, and both the grass and the soil are a bit too colourful. That's not the same as too pale. The colour is just a bit too intense.

  • Okay, a few suggestions based on other inn floorplans I've seen;
    1. Stone roads and paths? I'd prefer dirt and gravel with muddy tracks on the roads if old school, asphalt and concrete if modern. Cobblestones in urban areas are also acceptable.
    2. Where do the guests keep their transportation? (Stables or parking lots/corrals?) Could be placed across the street from the inn.
    3. Carpets in the halls? A bit extravagant; bare wood would be easier to clean. Also cut the lighting in half or more (maybe one lamp per room on alternate sides between doors). Straight hallways don't need that much illumination and it could get expensive (candles or electricity).
    4. Carpets in rooms should not be near the fireplaces. Also putting chimneys and fireplaces along the outside walls might be safer.
    5. Internal toilets? Without inside plumbing it could get smelly. Outhouses and chamber pots may be the way to go.
    6. Break the brick walls at the corners and change the bitmap fill of vertical walls to vertical brick. Add wood or stone pillars to corners to mask the joins.
    7. Each wing should have its own staircase (and an emergency exit if modern).
    8. A cellar beneath the central section could be nice. (Maybe with a secret tunnel or two going interesting places. ;) )
    I hope this helps.
  • I would leave the vegetation symbols as they are, maybe play around with different shadow lenghts, and change the grass and dirt textures to less noisy ones, maybe with some darker and lighter patches with semitransparent and edge faded polygons.

    The main road look as if it is elevated, maybe the glow should be inside, so it looks a little lower than the surrounding lots.

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  • After much thought, I have decided to stick with the map as is. The stables are at the back - and I will map them later on. (see village map). I am happy with the fireplaces only 1 is indoors, and it doubles up with 1 on the other side, and this is not that unusual arrangement. The plumbing is in place - what sort of Dark Ages do you think this is? 😁. I actually wanted the road to be a bit elevated.

    I might do the thing about the brick walls - grunt.🤔

    The extravagance is warranted, as this is the floor which houses the most important guests - earls and knights etc - and cartographers of course - called daniellas in Llum. The hoi polloi have lesser accommodation on the upper floors.

    The roads are in good repair as this is an important, though small village.

    Carpets are near many fireplaces, but there is a tiled bit between them and the fireplace - at least there is in my house. (still not burned down). I will double check on this though.

    I am happy with the vegetation now.

    So, a few fixes, and then dump it into Monsen's lap.

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