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Annual 1, issue 2 - John Speed map. My example after the Live Mapping session

Here is my John Speed version of the town of Niofftorp (anagram of Ffionport, the jump-off port for Iona off the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebdides of Scotland) on the Island of Llum, off the north coast of Kentoria. It will also be the site of my issue 3 map of the Argyle Arms Inn.



  • MedioMedio Surveyor

    I love it, great job!

    Just a thing: try to make woods twice as small, and put more together. And check the effect. I dunno but i see that working. Shrug.

  • GeorgeGeorge Newcomer

    I really like this map. The simple look of it makes me think a character in a game would have it in their backpack.

  • 21 days later
  • The map is complete, with the Inn name changed (to be consistent with the map notes on Llum), and the trees tidied up as per Medio's suggestion.

    Here are the map notes and final map. I will submit this to Remy Monsen tomorrow.


    Niofftorp (population 3056) is a small town on the Isle of Llum, which owes its existence to the fact it is the site where pilgrims gather to catch the only ferry to Holy Anio.

    It is set on the coast near the small Tailtean Stream. Apart from tourism, its major industries are fishing (especially the popular salted pikefish), and vegetables.

    The main buildings are:

    1.     Setanta’s Tower, built by a soon-to-be bankrupt lordling, Sirrah Setanta Tuard. His grandnephew, Sirrah Denzil, who inherited the title some years back, now resides there, and he has the favour of the ruling Laird, Ossian Tuard, Denzil’s second cousin. He is an easy-going man, with a fondness for his wife, daughters, and any other pretty maid. His alcohol tolerance is legendary, and his favourite sport (apart from wenching), is racing sailing boats to Holy Anio.

    2.     The Fishery, established by the O’Connells five generations back. They have a fleet of 7 fishing boats, and specialize in Niofftorp’s top export, salted pike. A dark rumour has it that they also salted the body of a supporter of the banished Stuards, though no proof has been uncovered.

    3.     The Laughing Druid Inn, which has stood for over 100 years, is the soul of Niofftorp. It is quite large for such a small village, but is built to cope with the traffic from Llum and the mainland wishing to see the wonder of holy Anio, and its famed Monastery. The current landlady, Mistress Jenna O’Colliman, runs a fine business, serves hearty meals and has a splendid cellar. And her barmaids are all very comely – Sirrah Denzil regards the place as Paradise.

    4.     St Ninian’s is the village’s place of worship, led by Drù Cathbad. Overall, the villgers are fairly devout in the worship of the gods, even Sirrah Denzil. The Drù is a learned man, and schools all the children of the town and countryside. His eledest son is I love with Sirrah Denzil’s younger daughter, Maureen, and while Sirrah Denzil is unfazed, his wife is firmly against it. She, Lady Colleen, has little known ties to the banished Stuards, and seeks revenge for them against the Tuards. She certainly does not want her daughter marrying a man with such obvious Tuard sympathies.

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