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Group, Ungroup, Lock and Unlock

In what was clearly a misguided attempt to rotate my entire map in CC3, I used Group and drag selected the all the sheets and then "did it", followed by Locking it. Uncharacteristically, I then saved the file rather than creating a version. Rotating failed (for unknown reasons) and I then tried to Unlock and Ungroup the sheets.

Since grouping and unlocking prohibits appears to make individual changes impossible, I will likely have to redo the entire map unless the smart folk here can point me in the right direction.

Even worse, I found rotating the map was not required in the first place. I failed to tell the program to use the scale factor rather than fit the image to the page when printing. Grr.

I can attach the FCW if necessary, but I am at the car dealer waiting on my car with my traveling computer which does not contain CC3.



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