See Maps, Share Maps, Repeat.

I have seen a few interesting maps on the forums here and combined with experiencing positive peer pressure have lead me to decide to share a few maps I have worked through.


I've been told I'm pretty good at it, who know.

Here are a few from December of a building called Herbarium's Decent, which I envisioned as an a apothecary/drug den tree house sort of building.

There are three levels.



I recently finished a guard post earlier today/yesterday which I will post here after some constructive criticism.

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  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    These look great. Good work.

  • seycyrusseycyrus Traveler

    Your maps are great. The only thing that I would ask is if it possible for you to share all your maps without the grid? A lot of us use these maps for VTTs and can add the grid later.

    DaishoChikaraMaxwell Well
  • Hey, yea sure, as stated, I'm after constructive criticism. As for sharing, do you mean in the same way as above or via a specific format?

    As a little thing, I found that I enjoy adding little secrets to most of the maps I have made. Things that are very minor on the map but can lead to entertaining circumstances. In these there are two.

    If you look closely on the 1st floor map, in the room that's below the map title. There's a little bit of red poking out from under the rug that's in front of the desk. With this map in my head being a sort of drug den, I envisioned the owner having certain defences in place against disgruntled patrons or nosy authorities. So having a symbol that is basically a trap for a charm person or hold person kind of spell sounded very entertaining.

    The 2nd secret is on the 2nd floor, in a similar manner to the first, it is under the square rug to the right of the red rug. In this one I envisioned it as something like an alarm trigger, as the wall it sits in front was movable if unlocked properly and would lead to A "stash" of sorts.

    Of course these are what I saw, but anyone can make anything of them.

  • I like the maps a lot. One thing I notice is that the doors on the first floor seem strangely large compared to the rest of the layout, they look like they would be difficult to open all the way.

  • Yea, I was still getting use to scaling things when these were done, but I tired to orientate each door so that it can open in one direction completely without interrupting another. So inward or outward opening only or something like that. But equally, I sort of like the cramped nature of the building.

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