WIP: Cartographer Guild May Challenge

Howdy folks!

Another little project I'm working on, though this one has a deadline - 14th May.

Over at the CG they have a monthly (some-times bi-monthly) lite challenge. This months is to map a shape. The shape is a square with a generated image. The only thing is you have to map the shape as a landmass, not sure if it's allowed or not but I'm going to invert the shape and use it as the inner sea where the negative space will be my landmass. I'm going to use @Loopysue's Darklands style just for the hell of it.

I've currently imported the shape into Affinity Designer (A2 Landscape) and created the 'outer sea'. I've saved this as an SVG file which I'll convert to DXF and select by colour and use the change like draw tool command to create my seas (if it works). Here's a jpeg.



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