WIP: The Nameless City

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Over on the Mythras Discord server one of the chaps has ceated a City Quarter generator using tables etc from a couple of supplements for that system so I thought I'd have a play around with it.

This is a pastiche of the poor, middle and upper class quarters. So far, I've started laying out the walls (black) and main roads (brown) here at work in Affinity photo. Once I'm happy with the basic layout I'll import to CC3+ (edit: in SVG format as it will only be coloured lines, then I can use 'Change Like Drawing Tool" and save myself some work!), pick a city style, probably the Fantasy City Annual - I quite like that, and see how it looks.

The map is currently A1 in size but I may enlarge it to A0.



  • looks very interesting. anyway i could get to use this too, ie a way to get a copy of the generator.

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    For those interested, the generator can be found here.

    As we all know, CC3+ can output to nearly any size you want, I however, find it easier to work with known output sizes as it's so much easier for scaling, e.g. 33" x 22" is then just multipled by x units, if the map's a dungeon x = 5 or 10 typically, a city x = 20 or 30, if overland x = anything above 20, generally in multiples of 10 (for imperial units).

    I like using the A1 size as it makes for a good battlemap/poster size print out and I have a HP colour plotter at work that can print to A0. Also the ISO paper sizes have a consistent scale size, so A1 is exactly half of A0, A2 is half A1 and so on. The ANSI paper sizes don't work like that. The reason for maps being 33" x 22" rather than 33 1/8" x 23 3/8" is not only to allow for margins but also to allow printing at ANSI D size which is 34" x 22".

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