Bronze Age symbols?

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I was curious if anyone knows of a set of symbols for European & Middle Eastern "classical" or bronze age buildings and items. Lots of columnated halls, fountains, temples, etc.




  • I know there are overland ziggurats, and city/castle, etc. type symbols for those times. There are overhead column symbols. But they look like the fluted sides ones from Greek and Roman times. There might be others.

    If you mean, like the palace at Knossos, no, I don't think so.

  • Yep, that's exactly what I mean. Greco-Roman, but also Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian, etc.

    Both physical structures and also symbols like khopesh swords, bronze breastplates, etc.

    I ask because, I like Glorantha (Heroquest, Runequest, etc), and it has been more consistently leaning into a bronze age aesthetic the last few years (no longer Vikings vs. Romans)

  • We do need more symbols in a semi-perspective style (like most settlement symbols in overland maps) in more cultures then presently shown. I like doing maps like Tony Crawford does using the settlement symbols from various overland maps.

  • @Quenten Do mean from an oblique view ?

  • I think so.

  • Nevermet, here is a start on some of the greco-roman symbols. Columns in the style of the Palace of Knossos. 8 symbols in various orientations that should work in Perspectives as free standing symbols. Enjoy.

  • Thanks, PKFYRE!

  • You are very welcome.

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    Now I have a suggestion for you. What makes a "wall" look like a wall from the bronze age? The art you hang on it. There is a wonderful tutorial inside the thread "Playing around with Perspectives 3" that Ralf added. It describes how to create shearing symbols. If you were to search the internet for "Knossos Frescos" I dare say you would find at least ten useful examples which you could download and use to create symbols to make a "bronze age" wall(s). Once you get the hang of it, you can use the technique to produce any number of culture specific wall decorations. No artistic talent required.

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