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In the never ending quest of mapping my campaign world here is a version of Tharo I did with the Jonathan Roberts style. It is a work in progress but this is the second time I have done a big city with this style. I have also attached flavor text with the pdf that comes from a supplement I bought from another company if you want to check that out. I did this map as a simple 1000x800 style map and adjusted manually with the scale. This tinkering with the map made for an easier export.

I pretty much know what the districts of the city are going to be but I have not marked them yet as I am still working on the fiction.



  • I really like both city and the layout in the pdf.

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    I have a habit of asking this question when I see these maps, maybe one day I'll stop. But for today ...

    How many inhabitants do you estimate this city as having (when the other sections are completed)? Looks like, what ... ~1000 buildings?

  • Also have to take into account the average number of stories, and the population density, and the average square metres (feet if you insist)of each building.

    Let's say 1000 buildings, average size 25 sq metres, average person in this size = 2 (lowish density) and average stories = 1.5. Population = 1000 x 2 x 1.5=3000. The building average size is just to get a feeling for average persons per average room size.

    An easier way Though probably less accurate) is total area x average persons/m2. So a city of 500 x 500m (250,o00 m2) with average 0.2 persons/m2 = 50,000 population.

    I tend to arbitrarily choose 4-6 x buildings, more if the city is densely populated (like capital cities and big cities) and less in more aesthetic cities, such as orcs and trolls would build instead of nasssty elveses (my source for this is Professor Gollum)

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    There are about 2000 buildings in this map. By the time I am done their will be about 2500 to 3000 with a higher number of people packed into two stories. With that said and converting Quenten's calculation from meters to feet. 2500 x 5 x2=25,000.

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