Problems with measuring distance between FT and CC3+

I've recently become a little frustrated by the lack of an area measurement tool in FT so I've exported this section to CC in order to measure the area that way. However, when I tried measuring the same distance for comparison I ended up with different results as shown below.

This was exported using Azimuthal Equidistant projection centred, as well as I can judge, on the island I'm measuring. The distances are between the exact same two points, and nothing was changed in either FT or CC between taking the measurements. And yet, as you can see, the distance reported by CC is ~1.2 times longer than that FT is showing (assuming that the map units in CC have kept the metric scale that I set FT to, but even if it changed to imperial it's still not the same distance).

Is there a way that I compensate for this so that I can get a true measure of the island's area?


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    I'm one of those folks who doesn't do much in FT3. i make a planet, island, etc. export it and edit in CC3+. So for my maps, the ft3 distances don't matter.

    We have had this discussion before.

    I suggest reading the above and see if that helps you.

    My search was 'distance ft3 cc3'.

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    The really irritating thing about this is that I was specifically considering the problem of projection when I tried this: that's why I selected the AE projection in an attempt to mitigate the issue. As I understand it, distance from the equator should not be a factor in the extent of the distortion, only distance from the centre of the map which is why I'm surprised that it should result in such a large discrepancy.

    Does this mean that 972 km is simply too great a distance to be accurately represented on a flat surface for a planet with a circumference of 42,234 km? I didn't think that it worked that way for AE, as long as you measure through the centre of the projection (which I was trying to do), you should get a true measurement. But maybe I'm misunderstanding something, I am feeling very stupid right now. 😅

  • Its likely the world's curvature in FT3, and a flat planet measurement in CC3+ is causing the difference.

    This isn't my expert area, if I have one.

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