Live Mapping: Fantasy Buildings with DD3

In tomorrow's session Ralf will be creating a building floorplan based on the Fantasy Tavern from the Annual 2007.

Book your reminders now by visiting the YouTube link, and come along to join in if you can.



  • "Tendril's Oak Inn" was the third annual published and the one that really introduced me to power of CC3 (it wasn't CC3+ yet) through its sheets and effects guide. This should be good.
  • As for Dalton, this was the annual issue that blew my mind, and resulted in my first decent map.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 26 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    Half hour shout :)

  • gripgrip Newcomer

    How do I get that Annual 2007 style?

    Is it available for free?

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    The annual 2007 can be bought from the online store. But the style in this video is basically standard Dungeon Designer 3

  • gripgrip Newcomer


  • Just been doing my usual after-the-event catch-up with this latest video.

    Interesting to see the multi-level use of the software being worked through again, especially with techniques many will probably wish to emulate for their own, similar, maps, as well as highlighting some of the complexities of trying to copy large amounts of mapped items from one map to another this way. Things like the addition of new Sheets in the "wrong" order and without their Effects on the new level map are liable to catch-out many on their first trials like this after a clipboard copy & paste, so are definitely worth being more aware of.

    This was brought into focus again for me recently with the multi-level Wyvern Citadel maps I prepared, which have just gone into the Community Atlas this evening. I was fortunate with those in one respect, because such maps have to be prepared individually for the Atlas, so I could just save the "old" map and then start the new one from a fresh version of that, which kept the Sheet Effects intact. Of course, even this isn't problem free, because you still have to move around the order of those Sheets that are now at a lower level than the one you're working on, and create new Sheets and their Effects for the fresh items as they're being added!

  • I had to download the YouTube video, as I was fast asleep at the time. But it was a good session. However, IMO, the annual issue is even better as it explains sheets and sheet order and sheet effects even better, with great tips for such things as shadows, puddles, as well a hay bitmaps. This was the first annual I really sat down and made a map with - now in the atlas. Thanks Ralf for such an insightful annual.

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    A good video. Since Ralf did not have time to finish, I did my own cellar/basement. Unlike his which has a "surprise" in the loft, I have the surprise in the cellar.

    Also, a video of using the room with dynamic lighting and line of site in a VTT (Fantasy Grounds in this instance)

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