Cyberpunk: Proof of Concept

I was trying to do something like this:

I was able to do this:

I know it does not look good and I think a dedicated cyberpunk annual would be best, but I do think it demonstrates it should not be that hard to create a style.

I did this pretty quick from another map I had. At first I tried changing the colors of each area and adding glows. For some reason that was not working well. So I then adjusted the hue of different layers and added glows. This worked better. However, the adjusting the hue is horrible in CC3 because there is no easy way to type in a value and know what you are going to get.

My point is that someone who knows what they are going with the sheet effects could probably do a lot better in about the same about of time I spent. I also do not think making an annual similar to the linked map would be that difficult to design for CC3 as an annual.


  • I recognize the style (Retro Computer Graphics) but I'm not sure what this is supposed to represent. (Actually I have no idea to be honest.  :/
  • It is a town map. I want this:

    I think it can be done, I just lack the skill. But, I wanted to show that if someone put in the time, we could produce something similar. Hence, designing a cybperunk annual for release shouldn't be too difficult for one of the artists.

  • I think before anyone writes a "Cyberpunk Annual" we better define our terms clearly. Are we talking about a "Retro Computer Graphics" style based on the technology of monitors available in the '80s when the Cyberpunk concept was introduced? Would the mapping subjects be real world structures (Floorplans) and areas (Cities) or computer networks as conceived of before the World Wide Web opened up cyberspace to the general public? IIRC the basic Cyberpunk concept assumed net access would be controlled by the Corps and hackers had to get through their security to get anything interesting, meaning they had to know their nodes and how they were connected. To me "Cyberpunk" is a whole genre of topics that would be hard to cover in a single annual. 
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    This is exactly the problem I had when deciding which way to go with Marine Dungeon.

    In the end, because it is only one small issue in 12-13 of a Cartographer's Annual, I had to be firm in my thinking and select the most commonly requested themes. This may leave some mappers a little disappointed with the end result, but it is better to have a well defined theme and to do it well, than try to mix in all kinds of stuff and end up with a style that is too pick and mix to be useful to all that many mappers.

  • In a way you might be able to pull something off close to what you were aiming for with the January Issue of the 2020 annuals. The color scheme would be drastically different and might have to create a splotchy neon-texture but the overall shapes being made seem similar to me at glance.

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    Oh yes, it's doable, but you need to have a really clear idea of what you want first, and there may be an existing style that could easily be adapted as DoubleDouble mentions above.

  • Yes the Watabous style is one that I think could work for a block style.

    Other than fun, CC3 maps are made primarily for RPG play. As such, then I think we can stick with either Cyberpunk 2020/Red or Shadowrun as the basis. Both are attempts to take 80's versions of cyberpunk and turn them into a game. So that is the basis of the maps in terms of style. They could be more retro like this, or a more modern slick take. You also have realistic vs minimalist.

    Ideally, what you want is a realistic modern/slick take. However, that would seem to involve making a lot of things.

    If you want the minimalist take, that seems to be easier. Since I think putting out a cyberpunk annual is ideal for CC3 to do now rather than later, then a more minimalist approach seems the fastest to get done.

    By doing this, I wanted to show that you could do something with the block style city maps already available. It just takes a lot of work/knowledge to get it to look good. A designated style done officially would be able to make it much easier. I may play around with one of the other block style maps to see if it looks better. I just don't have any of those made that I could convert.

    To give people an idea, the maps in Cyberpunk Red and black and white lines. Nothing fancy about it.

  • This is definitely something that interests me, particularly as there's not a lot done with cyberpunk on things like Roll20 and I think mappers here could make a bit of money if they were inclined.

    There's a pretty good amount of stuff for people that want to use them privately, as for instance found here: I do wonder if its possible, or it even makes sense, for profantasy to team up with someone like this artist to produce a style folks could use.

    In case anyone's wondering, the assets created by this artist is under a Creative Commons License, which means they can be used with CC3+ as long as you don't try to make money with the maps you create. The sole exception is for maps included in large adventures, at the rate of 1 map per 2000 words.

    Anyway, just adding my two cents. I have no idea how such an annual style would actually do.

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    Cyberpunk has become such a broad category! I hear the term and the first thing that comes to mind is Shadowrun - it was my introduction to cyberpunk when FASA first published it in the (late 80's? early 90's?). But then there's also Blade Runner (released pre-Shadowrun but not discovered by me 'till after I played Shadowrun and became interested in the genre). Now we've got Altered Carbon, which leans more heavily to the science fiction side, but still has strong cyberpunk elements - especially in the first book of that series.

    So for me, a cyberpunk style needs three different "looks" for its map assets:

    1. Gritty streets and alleys, with debris and trash, flickering street lights and neon lights. Some of these would be isolated/empty back alleys, and some would be crowded, with lots of storefronts, shops, etc.
    2. Slick, modern buildings and skyscrapers where the corps exist. Office buildings, luxurious homes. Maybe varying degrees of Oriental influence, since many cyberpunk settings (from my youth, at least) seem to feature tech takeovers by the far eastern cultures.
    3. Not necessarily unique to Shadowrun, but certainly first encountered there by me, "back to nature" assets for those storylines that feature the conflict between the natural (and supernatural) world and the encroachment of technology. These could be harvested from other styles, of course - there are already tons of fantasy style assets out there since fantasy type maps are so prevalent.

    It could easily become one of the "two annual" styles - maybe a "Cyberpunk Street Chum" and a "Cyberpunk Corp" style, each focused on one element of the overall genre.

  • My group still actively play Shadowrun 2E (with our own homebrewd an modernized rules for deckers). You have define the mapping needs perfectly. Some of the modern symbols are usable as well as some things from the CSUAC. What it all lacks is the grunge of the streets and sleek corporate opulance as you've described it.

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