Looking for Suggestions an OSR Style Tree City

After reading this: https://forum.profantasy.com/discussion/11178/treehouse-ideas I have decided I want to build a tree city. However, I want to do it in an OSR style. I could do it in color and then adjust it to B&W, but it will be a different look than OSR.

So I am wondering if anyone had suggestions on what map style(s) would work best for an OSR tree city as well as any possible suggestions on how to do the trees. I am concerned that an OSR style tree may not exist forcing me to make my own.


  • The CD3 Bitmap B Elven style catalogue is essentially THE tree-settlement option. I think it should work just fine when converted to B&W, as the colour options have a good, clear range, and as it looks hand-drawn, it would be fine for OSR-simulations (we all drew by-hand back then; no other viable options!). CD3 Bitmap B also has a decent range of vegetation symbols should you want to add more variety, while the Hovels catalogue includes many rustic-looking plank constructions which might be useful as well. Plus the other options are large for this style, so there are numerous other building shapes you could fit in with some vegetation cover for unusual structures. If this Bitmap style doesn't appeal, there're also vector style options in the Elven tree-settlement line with CD3, and arguably even more options with the numerous additional vector catalogues.

    Alternatively, you might look to the B&W dungeon styles - the OSR Dungeon style from CA97, for instance, has a useful range of vegetation symbols - though of course you'd have to draw your own buildings that way.

    Good luck!

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