Oh No, Not Another Homlet!

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It's a coincidence but I have been working on these maps this weekend, and today I noticed that pkfrye had posted the same maps.

I thought I'd post mine as an example of how 2 people can interpret the same original map.

My maps are player maps so they don't show any secrets or text (beyond the scale), and I have just tried to copy the maps as presented, unlike pkfrye who has added detail and excellently decorated each room.

I also needed a tavern for a Ravnica game and this will do for that.

I have also posted the original maps for comparison.

Welcome then to the Welcome Wench, pull up a stool, have an ale, and listen to tales of the Temple of Elemental Evil.



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    You need to mark the "Secret Doors" on your maps to clarify access to the secret cellar room (8) perhaps on a "Secret" layer you can hide or show as you please. Also the stairs into the secret cellar room should go the other way. Otherwise these maps are an excellent interpretation of the originals. (You are using SS4 style, right?)
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    Hi Dalton,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I wrote in the blurb above that these are player maps which is why I left the secrets and text off, then I uploaded the maps. It was then that I realised that if that statement was true I should have left the secret room in cellar off. Doh!

    Good idea about the secret door info' on a separate layer, thanks.

    Thanks for pointing out about the stairs, I'll change it now.


    I have changed the stairs on the dm map, but I thought I should show the proper player's map. I also manage to get the grid below the rocky border, yay.

  • Looking at my old maps, I noticed I had all of the S for secret all over my maps... I have been taking the S of of them now that I am posting updates... and hopefully we start gaming again.

    And I have been twice by the 'two posts in 60 seconds' thing today.

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