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First time poster here. I am drawing a map upon which I will base other maps for an rpg I am running. I ran out of time in one session and I think I tried to edit the landmass in another session but as you can see messed something up. What I want to do is to remove the part of the map that overlaps and draw in the connecting land. How can I do this?


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    Hello pabadger :)

    The simplest way to do this is to Use the Land drawing tool to draw a third landmass that traces both of the existing ones. 

    1. First, ensure that both those landmasses are made of straight polygons instead of smooth ones by right clicking the Fractalise button and picking smooth to straight. Use the tool to turn both landmasses straight. This may make it look slightly different if they happen to be smooth, but you can reverse the process using Straight to Smooth from the same right click menu on the new landmass when you are done tracing.

    2. Pick the land drawing tool (preferably the straight one if there is a choice) and click once on any point of the land, then press letter T on your keyboard to enter tracing mode.

    3. Pick the coast not far away from where you started, and then start the trace with a second click between where you started the line and where you indicated the trace operation. 

    4. Drag the trace line to where the two landmasses join, making sure you don't trace any of that bit where it overlaps, and end the first trace by clicking there. Don't end the drawing. Just end the trace operation. Then press T again and start a second trace operation to trace all the way around the other landmass until you get back to the other side of the overlap.

    5. Do a third trace to finish the job by completing the trace around the first landmass back to where you started. When you get there, that is the point where you need to end the third trace and then finish the drawing operation. 

    Once the single landmass has been drawn in that single 3 part tracing operation you can delete the 2 older parts, and turn the coastline back to smooth if you prefer it that way.

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