Live Mapping: Mercator Historical

Hi Everyone :)

In this week's Live Mapping session Ralf will be creating a map in the Mercator Historical style, which was the very first issue of the very first Cartographer's Annual 15 years ago now.

Come along and join in the fun! :)



  • Always liked this style; it was what persuaded me to buy my first-ever Cartographer's Annual! Plus of course it was updated more recently as well.

  • I hope the video will include the update as well. This, and the first 4 issues were the real winners for me. The Mercator map also inspired my map of Myirandios, even though it is quite different in style. I am so looking forward to this - and now daylight saving has stopped, (and I guess Europe's has started) I can view it at 2am, rather than 4am.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 24 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    Starting in the next few minutes...

  • Well, just caught-up with the video finally tonight, and another good one.

    I think I learnt more about using CC3 (as it then was) by playing around with this one style than pretty well any other single thing (other than Joe Sweeney's excellent tutorial videos) when I was starting out with the program. The discovery of multiple Sheet symbols was a real revelation as to some of the things the different Sheet Effects could do for you even when NOT using them with symbols, for instance. Plus of course it also teaches you some of the important basics, like the Trace command (from simply following the instructions in the PDF mapping guide with this CA issue).

    Learning about the vector symbols in this style is valuable too, I think, as the style - using simple, black, straight-edged polygons and a colour that will be faded almost away - is very easy to master and then create your own symbols similarly. This was great news for someone without significant (i.e. any!) real artistic skills.

  • I had to download it and watch later - I fell asleep while waiting for 2am 🤔

    But it is a great style, and i think I will do a quickie just for interest.

    BTW, if you want to use the double sphere template, and transfer a FT3 map into it, you can use the AE hemisphere projection, expert to CC3+ as a basic map, and copy what you like to your map. You may need to scale the transferred map first so it fits correctly into your Mercator map.

    I will do my 'quickie' in steps to illustrate this.

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