Can I copy over materials from Dungeon Painter Studio?

I have been using DPS for years now, and I've amassed no small collection of textures and icons that I would like to use with CC3. Is that a thing that a) can be done, b) should be done, and c) will not interfere with the licenses I have for either product?


  • DPS, other than the default textures and icons, is completely Steam Workshop powered, so you'd have to ask each workshop contributor if it's okay to use their assets somewhere else, and since it's Steam Workshop you'd have to be careful as it's likely a lot of stolen art in the first place.

    If you're just using it for personal use though or it's your own art or you have it from some other source (and you know the licensing for it), yeah, it's easy. DPS has everything in .png format, which CC uses as well.

  • DriechelDriechel Traveler

    It's definitely only for personal use. I am nowhere near making money off my maps, though I would probably love being good enough to do that in the future. I'll just be sure to keep these new textures in a side folder so they don't get mixed up if I ever end up doing commercial work.

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    Wherever you get your textures from it is best to put them in a new subfolder of C:\ProgramData\Profantasy\CC3Plus\Bitmaps\Tiles

    I put personal textures that aren't part of my PF installation in a subfolder called User, which allows CC3 to reference the textures in a normal way.

    Never put your own textures in existing subfolders or you may end up permanently confusing yourself about which are yours and which are PF ones.

    In case you are wondering - I have a whole range of sub-sub-folders within my User folder that further classify the fills into things like City, Overland and Dungeon, which are then further subdivided into things like Grass, Mud, Trees etc.

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