First trip with Character Artist

Hey, thanks to the generous gift card I received from ProFantasy, I was finally able to pick up Character Artist 3, and I've finally made something with it. This is an NPC my players picked up during their adventures. It's an interesting story, so I'll share it below the pic to those who might find it entertaining. If you're not interested , feel free to skip :).

Caelyn's Story: Caelyn is a cleric of Leira in the Forgotten Realms. The group came upon her while investigating a mysterious death. She was in a mine, driven mad by the voices of the various beholderkin that had invaded it. She was holed up in a room, having conjured some zombies to protect her.

The PCs left her alone, but some town guards killed her. When the group returned to the local temple of Helm, some kind priests were planning a trip to take her body on a long journey to a temple she had mentioned. The paladin/monk in the group offered the party's services, and away they went.

En route, the party was hunted down by an organization and one of the players killed. The party decided to travel to the afterlife to rescue him from the dead, where they had to participate in a fashion show of the recently dead to try and locate him. He wasn't there, but Caelyn was, and they made a deal with the dead to rescue her as well.

And so Caelyn was reborn, and is currently serving as a player-controlled NPC cleric for the party.

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