Blast form the past - TSR's Homlet

One of my favorite "introductory" modules. Here's my take on The Village of Homlet. I also have floor plans for St Cuthberts, the Welcome Wench, and the Traders Establishment if anyone is interested in seeing them.

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  • Ahh, Hommlet! One of the rare early scenario packs I bought at the time that WASN'T by Judges Guild! TSR didn't seem to quite grasp the need for low-level introductory adventures at the time, aside from having been really slow out of the blocks to publish any supporting materials for D&D beyond the original four supplements. And we then waited decades for Part Two of the scenario (Temple of Elemental Evil - which didn't really turn out how many of us had hoped anyway!).

    Those interested in more might like to see this page on the Wizards of the Coast website for the ruined Moathouse and its underground level especially (which is some way off the Village map, but is a key part of the scenario); recommended especially for Jason Thompson's cartoon take on the whole setting!

    Good looking maps. The village one isn't nearly blue enough, of course 😁 (with apologies to anyone who hasn't seen the original blue line art version...).

    The shadows on your tower hill look a bit odd though, as if the hill's not really there, or drawn by Escher. Or becoming Glass Mountain...

  • I have Jason's maps. Got them from links at dragon's foot.

  • Your hill shadows need to go - it's as if they are walls casting shadows into the inside of the hill. IMO

  • Yes, I have to admit, I never really liked the hill on this map either. By the time I finished it I got lazy and I just never revisited it. I will have to fix that one dsy. 😀

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