WIP: Lost Temple of Ankun-za Level 2

Hi Folks,

Here's a WIP of the Level 2 map of this dungeon. Not sure how I feel about it to be honest. Perhaps I need to take the advice I left on the FB Group page and think a bit more about its purpose, how it was created and by whom (or what), bearing in mind this adventure is being written for competent, though beginning characters using Mythras (part of the Basic Roleplaying/Runequest family of games). So combat is quite deadly without the ubiquitous healing of D20, level based games.



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    I was once told that it was good to have a decent area to fight in. I don't know how true that was, but the gamer who wanted more space to play around in was very satisfied with my modifications, which meant I had one reasonably large room.

    What is the scale here? Some indication would be good. Either a grid or a little white square to show 5 or 10 ft square.

  • An excellent natural labyrinth attached to the basement of a structure. (I know the official term is "dungeon" but in spite of its gaming usage for me if it doesn't have cells for prisoners it isn't a real dungeon. ;) ) Add a few traps and a hidden chamber or two and it will be perfect!
  • @Loopysue Hi Sue, the map is 165ft x 115ft, so with a 5ft grid an A1 size battle map. The chamber, which is/was a small 'dungeon', has an overall dimension of 25ft x 20ft.

    @DaltonSpence Thanks Dalton. There will be a few level changes; the tunnel finishing at the walls (bottom left, mid right) is under the chamber, the alcove mid bottom of the map will have water - lord only knows what will emerge from there! The cave top right will have a shaft going into the depths, no doubt the source of subterranean horrors. Of course there will also be stalagmites and stalagtites for things to hide behind.

    The map will be provided as part of the adventure and left for individual GMs to flesh out with encounters as best fits their group and playing style. Well that is the intention at this stage of development.

  • Isn't this the wrong way "up" to match with Level 1? I'm assuming the stairs down are those that link with the secret passage off the northeast side of the Training Arena in saying this, mind you.

    I agree it would be helpful to know what the original purpose was for the "trident" room, and also why it links with one of the caves, as this would likely give you a better feeling for what you want to do with the map overall.

  • The stairs do match but not directly, there is a landing between (not shown) where they switch back to the right. The description of the stairs on level 1 will include this detail.

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  • Here is the, mostly, finished map for your erudite comments and critique...

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