Live Mapping: 3D Modelling Symbols

Hi Everyone! :)

This week, Ralf will be showing us all how to 3D model our symbols

Come along and join in the fun.



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    20 minute call :)

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    With my usual delay, I've just caught up with this week's video now.

    Didn't really know what to expect from the title, but it proved quite fascinating, and thought-provoking. Having spent a lifetime making and painting models, I'm inclined to agree with Remy's "stress-inducing" comments in the YouTube chat, as getting models to looks right needs a lot of concentrated effort, especially when you're doing something new for the first time!

    However, what occurred to me while watching this is that you don't actually need to make your own models. There are many, often small, companies that specialise in manufacturing scale models of all kinds, including scenery for model railways, wargames and RPGs, some of whom prepare pre-painted and finished items. So picking up some of those would be another option for those who don't trust their own modelling skills, or who haven't the time or interest to follow the DIY route. Image those, and away you go. And yes, there are even companies that make finished model mountains!

    I mentioned recently when presenting my in-progress mapping for Wyvern Citadel elsewhere on the Forum that the basis for that castle was a full 3D model castle constructed from modular pieces produced by Dwarven Forge. Now Dwarven Forge also produces modular model dungeons and caves, all finished, painted and ready to use out of the box. And yes, they're not cheap, just like that castle (if not quite so fearsomely-priced overall)! Other companies do some stuff like this, often unpainted, so there are alternatives, and DF do sell unpainted versions as well. However, the DF items cover probably the widest range of possible options in a consistent format. What struck me watching Ralf's video was that with enough pieces like these, it would be possible to generate your own Perspectives-style set of dungeon or cave symbols, by imaging your own models. So this idea needn't be restricted to just overland mapping.

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    What such an interesting video! I spent many years of my life doing modelling for RPGs and wargames mostly (i even went to modelling tournaments) but i ended up burned out and without time and i left it, ... but now i see another potential for creating symbols! Very interesting indeed, thanks for the video Ralf.

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