My take on Judge's Guild Blackmoor

I got involved with fantasy mapping in the days of pen and paper and I wondered what some of the really early RPG supplements would have looked like if they had been developed with the current technology. Below is my take on Blackmoor from the First Fantasy Campaign originally published by The Judges Guild. The first image is an extract from the remake of the campaign map each hex represents 5 miles but, as in the the originals, "scale" was a fluid concept. Map symbols were oversized for "readability." Noli's Temple was not on the originals and is the invention of a very dear friend of mine that passed away in 2001. The regional map is below the campaign map extract .



  • I loved (and still do) the Judges guild campaign maps, and of course, the City of the Invincible Overlord (the original version).

    Your cliffs are awesome.

    Here is my favourite Campaign Map.

  • Thanks Quenten, those cliffs are one of the symbols in the Mike Schley symbol set. on my PC Program Data\Profantasy\Maps\Mike_Schley\Natural Features.

  • Sorry No, I was just stating the path where I believe they are commonly stored. I think they are a part of the default Overland style that is a part of CC3+. Jon Roberts was is the originator and you can find them at the path indicated.

  • And I forgot to delete the "my favorite campaign map line" when I posted the extract from the full First Fantasy Campaign map. LOL

  • @pkfrye I was asking @Quenten since his mention of a map uploaded was blank.

  • @pkfrye I couldn't upload it for some reason, but here it is now.

  • Oh yeah, One of my favorites as well. As I think about it, I may actually have the entire Judges Guild product line, with the exception of the Traveller line of products. I absolutely loved those maps!

  • I've been SLOWLY working on a Tegel Manor map for years. I pick it up every so often and do a room or so. At this rate i'll be done.....never, lol. Super nice work on this!!

  • Thank you Lorelei. Funny that you mention Tegel Manor. I attempted a similar project in Perspectives. What killed it for me was the Hall of Portraits. I just couldn't find enough assets and I am horrid at life drawing LOL! I'd really love to see a Perspectives version of Tegel but the sheer scale is a daunting task.

  • JG Campaign Map One is probably he most detailed of any (i.e. more place-names), and I think because those of us of a certain age and/or association with D&D and JG started out with City State of the Invincible Overlord, this is THE campaign map that ties together all the items in that original pack - The City itself, the surrounding terrain (including the explanation for why the City's on a huge estuary, but nowhere near the sea!), Thunderhold, and the explanations for a lot of place-names and places that feature in the City descriptions without any strong idea of where they were in relation to the City. And Tegel village, so you know the Manor's just over there too!

    I still get a thrill just seeing the names again, for all it's been nearly 40 years since I last gamed there!

  • Wyvern, I feel the same way. They really take me back to my youth!

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