[WIP] World of Tehom (Fractal Terrain)


I'm very new, but I thought I'd share some things. I've been making a world called Tehom in Fractal Terrain. I feel it's good enough, and I'm eventually going to figure out how to import it to Campaign Cartographer. My goal is to make relatively "modern" looking political maps for this world, as it is an abandoned interstellar colony (there's more, of course, but I doubt that rant needs to go here.

Anyways, here's some pics:

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  • Wow this is really good. I like the name.

  • Thanks... I tried to make a world that could be plausibly "realistic"* at a glance, but also work with certain geographical parameters I already had (locations of various polities, the idea that the world is mostly water save for a massive archipelago in place of a singular, Pangea-like continent, etc).

    Now I need to learn CC3, then learn how to import FT maps into CC3

  • Have you tried ?

    File -> Export World and Cosmographer Template, which gives an icosahedraon world CC3 file

    The other is File -> Save Campaign Cartographer File.

    Then just load the CC3 into CC3+.

    But those may not be what you want to do.

  • 11 days later
  • Honestly, I haven't done anything yet lol. I'm bouncing between 2 different CC3+ projects, GMing, work, etc.

    But yes, I will give updates when I do so

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