WIP Wel's Shamble - A small rural village

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The JPEG didn't render too cleanly but it's getting there, the cobblestones really stand out in places. Anyone have a way to mitigate this sort of effect? Change scale or resolution?

The village started out as a mess, thus Wel's Shamble, but has become a much more organized settlement as control of the surrounding lands was taken up by the dominant religion of the region.

The sunken corrals in front of the docks are trying to convey aquaculture, specifically farming pearls from oysters. Any thoughts on how to approach drawing an aquaculture "farm" differently?



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    (1927) In Japan, Hidemi Seno and Juzo Hori published a paper describing their new method for growing oysters by attaching them to ropes and hanging them vertically from a floating raft. The innovative method replaced a 300-year-old tradition of driving bamboo sticks or tree branches into the ground in shallow water to provide a surface on which free-swimming oyster larvae could settle. Vertical suspension allowed oysters to take in more food and grow faster, as they could feed even when the tide was out. Oysters grown above the seafloor were also safer from predators and produced higher-quality meat. People were quick to adopt this new method, and the production of cultured edible oysters in Japan tripled in about 10 years. By 1958, it was reported that over 90 percent of the oysters produced in Japan were grown using the hanging method.

    To be honest, I didn't really know anything about aquaculture until I saw this. Considering what it is, it seems to be believable for me for this technology level. If the town has wizards they might have one or two modern aspects achieved through magic, like self-levitating ropes. I suspect that for anyone I play with, I would have to explain what those are even if they were 100% visually accurate. I would probably work the explanation into my summary of the area when introducing people to the location.

    A vertical stick might be achieved with a branch or a tree trunk asset scaled thinner than usual, but I don't remember if/which sets might have that asset off-hand.

  • I have noticed that the look after export tends to vary even if I keep the settings the same. What might help is to tools, then settings. Then click jpeg setting button. Go down and make sure the quality is set at 100%. You may not may not want to increase the AA settings as well. The higher this is, the smoother the image it. The higher this is, the more passes are made when you export so it can take longer.

    You may also want to try to export in PNG or TIFF. Both are higher quality. Of course the 3MB limit for posting may force you to use jpeg.

  • What you have is exactly what the oyster beds in Australia look like.

  • Fantasy aquaculture, what a great idea. Great map also! As a suggestion to better show the farm beds are constructed by intelligent creatures: maybe change the color of the water to a lighter shade, showing they're more shallow (and easier to access and harvest)?

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    I have seen 1600s maps of Port Royal that show turtle pens that look similar to your pens. If you were to add some big turtles in the water that might work.

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    U[pdated the map with a number of the helpful suggestions and used some of the latest releases of this years annual. I just finished reading Expeditious Retreat Press' A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe and will likely completely overhaul the map to include more wards during the christmas break. Thanks for all of the suggestions


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    I wouldn't call this a village. Too many buildings and most villages don't have a city wall. A town maybe that was once was a village with a natural harbor before it became a popular destination. A lot of of money had to flow into this place to explain all the construction. Beautiful place though with plenty of opportunities for adventure. :) The first map of Wel's Shamble might be called a village but once they put up the wall it would need to be re-designated.
  • Well, lots of towns and even cities are still called villages in one way or another. In fact, we have a city called Townsville in north Queensland - how much less imaginative can you get than that. Though it doesn't have walls - we Aussies keep the roos out with barbed wire fences. 😎

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    @DaltonSpence I will admit it started as a village but it has grown quite a bit.

  • The look of this latest iteration reminds me of the map game board for the old, and long out of print, Dwarfstar Minigame Dragon Rage.

    Interestingly, that game was republished by Flatlined Games about ten years ago (it's out of print again now...), and the map was redrawn for it, with a new second map on the back of the main board, using - CC3 and CD3!

  • Big and nice!

    How the map is now is very very nice! ☺️

    I would only write the names a bit bigger... But that is just because I am unable to read small text. 🧐

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