General rescaling of textures


i'm trying to use Dungeon Designer 3 right now, and using a metric configuration (DD3 Metric)

I've well seen that symbols to scale well, but the textures (floors, walls, terrains) can't seem to scale... neither the "thickness" of materials (walls and so on)

i know i can manually do it in the fill style parameters, but i should then do it individually for each texture i'll be using... Isn't there a general parameter for this ?

included below, an image illustrating some default textures with some symbols, and scale for reference.

PS : Same thing seems to happen with CD3

Thanks in advance ;-)


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    Seems like there is a bug with the template. I'll notify the appropriate people, but as a workaround you'll need to modify them manually in the fill style dialog. There isn't a global setting for this.

  • MrOsmoseMrOsmose Newcomer


    As i said, there's also the defaults widths of walls and other "lines" (City designer's CD3 Metric roads, for example, are way too large when compared to house sizes...)

    I can get around the different templates to notify where those problems are, comparing imperial to metric template where both exists...

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