Sandpoint Town Hall

What you see is what you get ;-) - Well I´m sure I will find a lot more little Things to do in this Map but because I won´t have time in the next couple of weeks I decided that she is ready and the map times share with you.

What you see in front of you is my interpretation of the town hall of Sandpoint anchored in Pathfinder World.

To the left you will see the Assembly Hall, while to the right is the Hall of Justice. The northern staircase leads to the Golden Wyvern Bank of Sandpoint. The map for this is on my list and will surely follow in time.

Thanks for the attention and stay healthy



  • All this AND a Golden Wyvern too! What more could one ask?! 😁

  • GatespiperGatespiper Newcomer

    Very nice to see. Sandpoint was the starting place of one of my earlier Pathfinder campaigns.

  • DaltonSpenceDaltonSpence Surveyor
    edited March 15
    Wyvern said:

    All this AND a Golden Wyvern too! What more could one ask?! 😁

    Maybe a scalebar? The staircase looks a little wide unless it is meant for "grand processions". Either that or the tier depth is narrow. 18 inches (45 cm) is generally good enough for human feet and butts.
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