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I've been a user for over a decade and have decided to start posting some of my work just for fun and pats on the back.

The map measures 66" x 48" and was produced using three different versions of Campaign Cartographer 3 over a period of years. The style is mostly Jon Roberts. I also crafted the frame and the extensive wall support system in my woodshop. The next version will feature a heavier frame with plexiglass I can write notes and adventurer paths on.

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  • zace66zace66 Newcomer Betatester

    That is rather nice ... printed at a printers?

  • AWizardInDallasAWizardInDallas Traveler
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    I had to export it in pieces and stitch it back together in one large graphic for printing at Office Depot. I had to find one with a good printer guy that knew what he was doing.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    Nice. Looks really cool.

  • I copied a 80+MB png to a USB stick, and got it printed and laminated at Officeworks on A0 and it turned out really well. Size less than yours though, 841mm X 1189mm

  • thehawkthehawk Traveler
    That map looks fantastic, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing more!

    Of particular interest to me though, is the frame - because maps I appreciate as art, but have no real skill in doing. Woodworking, on the other hand, is something I actually do. Ish. When you did the frame, did you start with a moulding, or did you router (or chisel if you're old school and extremely patient!) it all out yourself? It looks like a butt joint on the corners? It's also a little hard for me to tell, but is there a ridge in the middle of it? Which I had never though of before like that, but it could be really cool.

    Do you ever write up your woodworking plans, or more just enough, and kind of wing-and-a-prayer with some measure-twice thrown in for good, uh, measure to get the rest of the way? Have you done any in CC3+? Or even any other version of CC?
  • GatespiperGatespiper Newcomer

    Absolutely love it! That's something I would like to do with the continental map I created for a roleplaying campaign.

  • @thehawk I bought some relatively inexpensive unadorned molding and ran it through my router. The corners are just 45-degree cuts with a piece of wood on the back holding them together. I've learned more about framing since then and would probably do it differently today. Anyway, that part was easy. The map is mounted on a massive piece of foam board which is surprisingly heavy and it took me two attempts to build a support system. If there's some interest, I could take the map down and take a photo of the support system. This was a wing-and-a-prayer design, which I do quite a bit. I'm currently using the latest CC3Plus. I've been a customer since the DOS version and have a ton of unshared work. There are flaws you can't see (I'm my own worst crititc) but let's not go there... :)

    @Gatespiper I seem to be the only one who wants to see the whole world instead of a tiny corner! :)

  • I have maps I have developed for gaming which are almost 5 feet square.

    The Little Bighorn battle area. Each hex represents 1 kilometer

    The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment's Covering Force Zone in 1980. Each Hex represents 3 kilometers.

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