WIP - Scabport, "Jewel of he Known World"

Straight from the "Biting off more than you can chew department" this is my current WIP. This is based on a friends "Known World" campaign setting. He's been running games in this setting for I think around 35 years and the map that I'm tracing from (that you can see) is the best map that he has ever had for the biggest city "Scabport". Anyway it's slow going as I'm still learning the program, but it so far has been a really good way to push my knowledge of CC.

I'll update once I have made significant progress, but I don't get the chance to map as often as I'd like. Biggest issues I'm facing is scale. The population of Scabport is around 30,000, so I think the houses are about right, but getting everything to work together and still look good, but realistic might be challenging. Hopefully at the end I'll not only have the full map but will be able to export sections that are zoomed in on and still have the required detail.



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