test strip map dungeon

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No idea if I will continue this or not, but here is a first effort, with text explanations.

strip map dungeon.

entrance looks like an old mine.

room 1) wood debris, could have been a trap at one time.

room 2) a skull where it meets passageway 2.

Passageway A goes beyond most lantern's reach.

Room 3) debris. A skeleton at the north end covered with rocks and other debris. A previous adventurer ? Placed here in front of the secret door which is the real path to the next piece of tghe map.

room 4) a distraction. There could be a few silver pieces and a handfull of copper pieces under the wood scraps.

Passageway B, leads to the next adventuring area.

Passageway C leads to a dead end on the next map.

This map is 200' x 160'.

I tried the overland strip map Annual, number 29, but I would have to adjust the strip scale. So I just decided to use DD3 Dungeon template.

The cobblestone 'wall' is the outer edge of the hill this dungeon is located in.

What do you think of this idea ?

edit: I think this could be an annual, similar to the overland strip map Annual in number 29, but scaled for dungeons.

900 pixel jpg, 2000 in my gallery.



  • Are you simply going to expand the map's size as you continue, Jim, or is each separate part of the strip going to be a fresh map? And if the latter, will you also be doing a final map showing the entire strip as one map (if maybe less detailed)?

  • Well, I don't know. I have so many things going on, I don't seem to finish them.

    I think a series of 200' x 160' maps combined together would make an interesting strip dungeon.

    With comments like: This westward passageway smells of something large, and dead.

    This eastward passage seems foul and unbreathable.

    Or: waterfall sounds down this ramp.

    The final map is a map of where the adventurers selected to go, avoiding things they didn't think they could handle.

  • Well, this sounds interesting! So the final map would perhaps be in a hand-drawn style?

    I always seem to have a lot of projects "on the go" all the time, some of which have been in that state for, well, decades... But I also finish some from time to time too.

  • I'm not very good at hand drawn. I wouldn't mind a pointing hand for the passageways not taken as a symbol.

  • I was meaning one of the hand-drawn CC3+ mapping styles. I think the Win10 Wingdings font has a pointing hand, and if it's only for personal use, there are spookier versions I've seen in other free fonts.

  • I can look at those, but I'm taking a break from mapping the rest of today.

    On my cell.

  • Don't see any wingding fonts in my 'More Fonts' area of CC3+.

  • next map.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in gallery.

  • You should be able to find Wingdings from that More Fonts dialogue, Jim, assuming you have it installed on your computer. Of course, the pointing hand might not be one of the characters CC3+ will let you access, even so.

  • I checked by puting a thru z and zero thru 9 in a blank map. No pointing hand. Then I did other characters.

    There are rectangles as arrows, but not what I'm looking for.

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    In Wingdings upper case E, F, G, and H are the pointing hands.

    And yes you can access them. Wingdings has been around for many years, so all the currently used versions of Windows should have the font.

  • I did some capital letters, but not those. I'll check tomorrow.

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    I get different ones.

    capital E is a desert scene with sun and one cactus

    F is an industrial building.

    G is a Greek or Roman temple

    H is a home with a path leading up to the door.

    TT Wingdings.

    Edit: Maybe I selected the wrong font. One says Webdings, the other says Wingdings.

    Back in a minute.

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    Yup, got the wrong one.

    Here we go.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in my gallery.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    That sounds like Webdings and not Wingdings.

    You can check all characters from Window's Character Map program. Just hit the windows key and type character map

  • Ah, I don't typically use some things in Windows. Thanks for the info.

  • Was going to post the next map, but our neighborhood power just went out. On my cell.

    Weather is okay. Relative called in to power company.

  • The power company says they sent out a mailer to let the street know there would be maintenance today. Haven't seen it. So I'm out and about.

  • Anyway, power is back on.

    map 3.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in gallery.

  • Glad you found the pointing hands, Jim. Yeah, Webdings and Wingdings give you very different things! I always keep Windows Character Map on my Taskbar, as it's a very useful way to check what any installed font you have looks like, especially when you're hunting for a specific character.

    'Course, you need to know the character exists first...

  • I was thinking of making 3 such maps. Maybe 5.

    If I leave off symbols, a DM could say whatever was in there that matched their game world, or I could make two sets. One with symbols and one without.

    Of course, I would have to leave in the spiral stairs on map 1, as it is part of the basic scenario.

    Yeah, finding characters, etc. I want in a font can be difficult.

    Is there a way to get the Windows character mapper to show larger ? It is currently at just the limit of what my eyes can see.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    The characters should show quite a bit larger when you click on them, but I think that's about it, except for setting the scaling on your entire display.

  • Number 4. The narrow rooms 11 and 12 could house spear traps. Or, 12 is a spear trap, and 11 has monster[s] in it. The characters back up to take defensive positions. One or more goes into 12, and sets off the spear trap.

    Anyway, the real passageway to the next map is hidden behind a secret door. The open doorway is a convoluted passage leading to a dead end room.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in my gallery.


  • Well, my display is set the way I like it. So I'll have to think about it.

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    It's really annoying that the "Maximise" option doesn't work for Win Character Map, as I've had this problem myself before, Jim. Clicking one and then running along a line using the arrow key isn't so helpful as being able to see everything at a reasonable size, I agree.

    The only thing I can suggest is perhaps doing printouts, or PDF prints, of each font you might want details on. It's a tedious process typing all the characters into a word-processor, because not all fonts use all the normal keyboard options, let alone the many specialist ones, though you can do a select and copy option direct from Character Map (that's about as tedious, however, as each one has to be selected individually before you can copy a batch). It's even worse if, like me, you decide to also add the character or numbers you have to type for each one...

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    Yup... a bit tedious. Anyway, I got myself, I did it to myself, in bringing back a web site that had been up long ago. It doesn't have any maps, its recipes a chatty newsgroup I was on back in the late 1990s put together.

    I'll still make maps, but some of my attention is elsewhere.

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