Cedarlair, Dank Forest, my Crestar site

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A small town in a land of fog and mold. This is on my Crestar web site. The different road materials is deliberate. Shows different public works.

900 pixel jpg, 2000 in gallery. Vector symbols, but I like it.



  • Any comments ? i am slowly working on redoing many of my older Crestar maps.

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    My first thought is that the city wall is a bit too regular. Even on perfectly flat land, that perfect rectangle seems a bit odd. Especially considering the more organic layout on the inside.

  • Dank Forest was the second gaming area I drew up. This particular nation, Dank Forest, is typically further behind in defenses. Trillolara doesn't do many square walled towns.

    Meldale in the same country has streets named after clock parts. If the player characters had ever dug in town, the city guard probably wouldn't like that, they would have found toothed metal. Large lines of it. Like a gigantic clock mechanism.

    I don't remember my justification for Cedarlair layout. I can easily redo it. Hinge Road goes over to Meldale. Which also has Winder Street, Control Road, Clock Road.

    Cedarlair is to the west, Meldale is kind of in the center, and Bigdale is off to the east. Hinge Road connects all three of them.

    Ah, I remember now. Some of the player characters dreamed of gigantic clock sounds when they stayed at the Inn here. They didn't look into it, and left for one of the other towns. I think it was Bigdale.

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    Now 1500 feet across. I'll add some more to it, scale bar, change the compass rose, etc.

    900 pixels across. 2000 pixel jpg in my gallery.

    edit: This map is the previous one inserted into a new blank map. I see I need to adjust the background. I might make it larger.

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    Fixed it up a bit. Larger background.

    900 pixel jpg. 2000 pixel jpg. I'll remove the above 2000 pixel jpg with the mistakes.

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    Much better. Of course, now the edges of the interior that used to be constrained by the walls need some minor adjustments too, perhaps plop down a few more houses. I see you've already started by adding more roads.

  • I would also make the roads around the gates, perpendicular to them.

  • I'll work on that Saturday or later. Time to rest.

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    The roads are smooth path splines and don't like me moving them. I'll attach the fcw so you can try Quenten.

    900 pixel jpg. 2000 in my gallery.

  • Well, okay. Not that I tried for very long.

    On my cell.

  • Downloaded to my desktop computer. Thanks.

  • 1 month later
  • Here we go. Update.

    900 pixel jpg. Added more houses. Increased the symbol shadow a bit. 2000 pixel jpg in gallery.

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