Atlas Competition: Albërian continents

Two continents I created for my Rol game Albherïan. There are 4 continents to create, but I created only 2 already and printed them in A2 size.



  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    Nicely done :)

    I think I like the top map more.

  • They look lovely... though I will admit that I'm rather curious about the woods growing out of the oceans on the second map, they do come across as a bit unnatural.

  • Hehehe, Those are related to the "lore" of the game. Those are called "The Ghost Forests". They are unnatural ghostly forest because the interaction of the "death plane" with the living world because of an anomaly. :D The map is intended for the players to understand it and locate things quickly, so that´s why I made them so clear. But yeah, they look absolutely unnatural there. :)

  • Well, as long as it's supposed to look unnatural, that's all right then. 🙂 And the concept behind it is certainly intriguing.

    I wonder, have you considered using an Outer Glow effect to help emphasise the ghostly nature of the forests without needing to reduce their visibility via a transparency effect? It might help them look a little less out of place.

  • Mmmm. Thats really interesting and it would be great... Is there such effect in CC3+?

  • There are ghost forests I learned about by watching Science channel 'What on Earth ?' show. They are forests growling near the seashore, that get overwhelmed by sand dunes. They stop growing, and soon only the upper limbs show to passersby.

  • Yes, there absolutely is. Here's an example I made:

    The forest on the right is on the standard SYMBOLS TREES sheet, but the one on the left is on a new SYMBOLS GHOST TREES sheet that I made for the purpose. You can see the parameters I chose for the effect, but you can of course change them however you wish if you think it makes it look better.

    Hope this helps.

  • Wow, that´s amazing! Thank you so much!! And yeah, the effect fits perfectly!

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