WIP Large Area, small village and battle maps. For a viking-ish Trudvang campaign

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Hi everyone.

I started a project that involves making an area map, a couple of villages and some battle maps. I'll use them for a playng Trudvang Chronicles, a RPG with a Scandinavian flavor.

Please feel free to comment and suggest

I started sketching the region map (central Ejland):

This is far from being done an I will work on that next days...

The adventure so far brought the adventurers to a farm/village, called Laudagaard (which is the bottom left in the triangle of villages at the center of the map). It is a small village, or a big farm located above a hill. It is held by the family Laudabrot and something nasty happened the last gaming session here and some people didn't leave the long house with their foots after the dinner.

The next session the farm will probably be under attack. Adventures will be asked to protect the village or rescue an old witch (a "Vedma"). They may also flee.

For the village defense I set up a battle map with a wall breach in the north of the village (above the stables):

For this one i learned a bit how to use lights. This tool is amazing once you get how it works (thanks Ralf for the video!).

The next one will be a small map of the small Vedma's hut in the south-west of the village map (n°7).


  1. What do you think the adventures will do?8 votes
    1. Save the old woman
    2. Protect the breach
    3. Split and die
    4. Flee


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    Some changes and a new map.

    I changed a bit the first battle map, adding a small tower, some details here and there and a bit more darkness.

    And below the new map (again a night map) to be used as location for RPG. It is "Runa's Hut", number 7 in the village map. It is a very simple use of SS4. I tried to add some lights to simulate fireflies. What do you think?

    (UPDATE: I did add some - probably too small- yellow dots close to the lights of the fireflies. It looks well in CC3+ but the final result is not much different, unless suuper zoomed in. I'll try to do slightly bigger spots 🐝💡)

    Below the CC3+ files.

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