Make Walls look High

I continue asking questions ;-)

Well is there a way to make walls look high. Say I make a map of a cemetery surrounded by a old Wall.

And I don´t want the typical Wall look of a dungeon wall, but want it more high looking more 3 D as you know what I mean ;-) - if u have suggestions or articles about it pls let me know.


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    edited February 20

    Well, the options as I can see them are as follows:

    • Use different shadow lengths to show different wall heights. Standard floorplan/dungeon/battlemap type maps in CC3 are seen from straight above with no perspective, so the way to show difference is by using visual clues like shadows.
    • Use Perspectives instead. Comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages obviously, but here it is easy to show wall heights
    • Manually add a birds eye perspective. This is doable, but it requires manual work, because you need to manually draw the appropriate shapes to generate an illusion of perspective. It will be similar to what I explain when I draw the pit in the DD3 section of the Tome if you have that, and also what I did somewhere in this livestream video (also for a pit, starting around the 40 minute mark). Notice that symbols and everything in CC3+ is 2D, there is no way to subtly rotate these to see the sides of a top-down symbol.
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