Drawings cant be set on a specific sheet

Hi guys!

I'm having an issue when using any style in CC3+. I am quite new so it can just be me not able to do things right. Basically when I select any drawing tool from the left menu (as water, terrain and so on) no matter if i select another sheet, it is always drawn on the "preset". For example the grass is always on the "Outside", even if I specify another working sheet after selecting the tool. Is that something I can prevent? That doesn't happen with the symbols.

Thank you for the help.


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator

    This can only be changed by editing the drawing tool (Or better, make a copy, and edit the copy).

    But, the best way to do it is to utilize a proper sheet naming scheme.

    Almost all drawing tools look for sheets that STARTS with something in particular, for example, a drawing tool for the outside sheet will be set to draw on OUTSIDE*. That * is a wildcard, and means anything that starts with the text preceding it.

    So, if the drawing tool is set to draw on OUTSIDE*, if your current sheet is called OUTSIDE VEGETATION for example, it will happily use that sheet instead of the default outside sheet. On the other hand, if your current sheet do NOT start with OUTSIDE, it will allways go to the default OUTSIDE sheet even if you have others starting with the word.

    This same behavior applies to symbols as well.

  • Hi Monsen!

    That is a great info (and shows how smart the way of oraganizing things in CC3+ is)! That points to two things:

    1. it explains why my "problem" was not consistent.
    2. it suggests that i should better name sheets! 😅

    Thank you so much!


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